We Need to do More of This….

Let’s be real, we all spend a little too much time worrying, and not enough time working on ways to improve our happiness, as well as the happiness of those people around us, and that needs to be changed! I’ve been compiling a list of things I think we all could stand to do a little more of to keep the positive in, and get the negative out of our lives.

Speak up. We all bite our tongues at times, which is good, don’t get me wrong. But the problem with biting our tongues, is that our opinions aren’t heard.  Speaking out against a crowd can be difficult, and anxiety provoking, but the outcome is beyond worth it. You can open others eyes to a brand new way of thinking, and more often than not, you gain the respect of others, because you said what others were too afraid to say. Just because it’s slightly terrifying, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it, because you deserve to be heard. After all, we are the voices of the future!

Passion. We need more reasons to be passionate. If something excites you, and makes you feel a bundle of emotions when you talk about it, then do more of that! It’s so important to get excited or angry about different topics, whether its fashion, politics, or book outcomes, if it makes you feel something strongly, share your passion with others! More times than not, we ignore the topics we feel excited, angry, and sometimes furious about, just because we don’t want to annoy anyone with our passion. That’s why I say, it’s time to find others who feel passion in the same things. People who you can have conversations with in the middle of the night, about whatever you love, or alternatively, loath. It’s a great feeling to find others who relate to you and the things that make you feel, and I mean truly deeply feel. Find those people, and never let your passions die out.

Relaxation. I cannot stress how much we all need to practice relaxation more frequently. With the hustle and bustle of our busy lives, we often don’t realize how much stress we’re actually walking around with, until we’re near disaster. Between homework, projects, finals and work, we’ve got enough to make anyone want to rip their hair out. Now add in any additional stressors, such as family or friend troubles, and sports and you’re nearly ready to explode with stress overload. It is so unhealthy to be walking around with no stress relief what-so-ever. Whether you need to meditate, plan a mini vacation, or spend a day reading or socializing, please girl, for your mental health, take breaks! No one can function to their full capabilities with so much stress, 24/7. If you’re walking around stressed, you’re producing work that no doubt, you know wasn’t your best, and probably aren’t too proud of. I don’t know about you, but I take pride in the work I put forward, and I always want it to be a true representation of my potential, feelings, and passions. Just by taking breaks and reducing your stress in whatever way it may be, you’ll notice how much happier you feel. The even better thing about destressing is that the overwhelming, ‘worlds coming to an end’ feeling you once felt while receiving your third project due later next week, won’t feel so crushing. You’ll be able to put your best foot forward, and handle the situation like the lady boss you are!

Love. Now a day, we spend so much of our time comparing ourselves to the other young woman around us. We hear it in our everyday lives, and all of us do it. We all say, “I wish I had her curves, hair, nose…” as if we are not beautiful, ourselves. That just isn’t the case. I don’t care what you think you should change about yourself, I am telling you, that you are without a doubt in my mind, absolutely beautiful just the way you are. I think there’s a big difference between admiring someone’s beauty, and longing for their features, because it would make you more appealing, in your mind. Although I do believe if you find someone beautiful, you should tell them, because you never know how much someone needs to hear that. But it’s time to set a standard mindset as young woman that we are all beautiful, and we all have exquisite features, personal styles, and minds. We cannot let ourselves and the people around us forget how amazing and beautiful we all are, and we cannot let the next generation of girls grow up believing that they are not quite as magnificent as the next girl. There is no one else in the world who can compare to you, therefore, we should just quit wishing for new features and body shapes, and just embrace our natural beauty.

Now I know it takes time to improve our mindsets, or to put ourselves out there, or take a breath when there is already so much to be done. At first you may feel vulnerable, uncomfortable, and unproductive, but I can promise you that with a little practice and a lot of courage, these four lifestyle changes will ultimately help you to lead a happier, healthier, and more confident life, which is what we all deserve!


A little Something I’ve Learned About Change.

Change is a really hard pill to swallow, but we all go through it from time to time, so let’s talk about how to look at change.

Change is inevitable. Whether your moving, starting college, moving out of your parents’ home for the first time, or growing apart from a friend, changes will occur, and let’s be honest, they pretty much suck. Maya Angelou once said, “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”  This is the mentality we all need to have. Change is going to be thrown at us, regardless if we want it, or if we’re prepared for it, how we manage the changes being brought into our lives is completely and 100% up to us. If you think that whatever change is occurring is going to be completely awful, then of course you wouldn’t see the positives in change. But with change there’s always a positive.

Say you’re switching schools; your main worry may be losing the friends you’ve already acquired through the years. Now depending on why you’re switching schools, (i.e. moving states) it may be harder to hold on to those friends, but if it truly is a good friendship, you might be able to pick right back up where you left off, every time that you speak with them or see them. Sometimes, things don’t work out though, and it’s okay to be sad about that, but always look for the positive. Moving states or potentially losing friends back home, is always an opportunity to make more friends and meet new people. You need to realize that living in the now is what is most important. Stressing and getting upset over lost friendships or change is only going to hold you back from further success and new opportunities involving new friends.

Alternatively, say you’ve just moved into your first apartment or college dorm. You’ve grown up watching all these different movies where the student goes to parties, joins a sorority, maintains a 4.0 GPA and works every day to earn her own money, and when you were younger, you totally couldn’t wait for that to be your life. Going to college and getting into the real world, honestly isn’t like that. Everything is new, it’s exciting, but it’s also really weird. You don’t have anyone telling you what to do, what to eat, or checking up on your school’s online gradebook. It’s liberating, at first. But then you realize, all of these responsibilities are now yours, not your parents. If you don’t motivate yourself to get up, go to class, pay your bills, eat healthy, or spend your money responsibly, then it all comes tumbling in your lap. You could sit there and mope about the huge amount of responsibility that’s landed in your lap and lose all motivation to keep going, or you could look at the change in a positive light. You are absolutely free to do anything you’d like, and like any human being, yes there will be mistakes made. But while you’re handed this responsibility, you have to realize that there are thousands of other kids your age, in your school who are feeling exactly the same way. You can always find time to talk to some of them, and make some new, lifelong friends. After all, you’re all in this together! This is a chance to prove to yourself how freaking awesome you really are! If you can keep yourself motivated and make sure all those adult responsibilities are being fulfilled, then go you! You’ve been given quite a great deal of change shifting from high school to college or the working world, and it’s a great time to feel pride in all that you’re accomplishing!
You see, change can be heartbreaking, and it can feel like everything you’d once expected, is no longer. But here’s the good thing, it is your decision to see change in a negative way, or in a positive way. While it’s comforting to have a predictable life, and for everything to play out just as you once dreamed, sometimes it’s boring and lackluster. Change is always right around the corner, and it’s important that we acknowledge the negatives, but we ultimately need to embrace the positives of change, in order to truly be at peace and feel comfort in our lives.

Who the F is Hope Elisabeth and Why Are We Finding Her?


My name is Hope Elisabeth. I am a 20 year old young woman who was born and raised in Connecticut. Currently, I’m a sophomore in college majoring in business management. Just like every girl my age, I’m trying to gather who it is I want to be in life. Now I’m not talking that whole “I’m going to be famous one day” crap we all said when we were 10. I’m talking emotionally, who I want to be. I’m talking realistically, who I can be. Though being famous, rich and spectacular might have its perks, I’m sure it has its downsides. I spent months and months trying to research and find my perfect match of a job. You know, the “doesn’t feel like work because you love it so much” kind of job.But quite frankly, I’m still discovering my best fit. While working through school, finding jobs and holding relationships, I’ve had my fair share of failures along the way, but I’ve also had some amazing successes.

The purpose of this site is to share my experiences, my thoughts and my emotions. My hope is that any other girls who are in a situation similar to my own, can read about my different experiences I’ve dealt with throughout my lifetime, and learn from them.

Throughout this blog you’ll find stories from high school, college and what’s to come in the future. You learn about my heartbreaks and how I’ve overcome them. I’ll show you a side of my life that’s only ever been told to the pages of my journal. Eventually, I hope to share some “big sister” advice from other inspirational young women. As I get this project on it’s feet, any and all comments and constructive criticism is welcomed and greatly appreciated!


Hope Elisabeth

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